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The Topline Innovations team has provided in this section the following testimonials and general comments received from our customers and reviewers of the AngLevel tool.

“This is exactly the type of tool that I prefer to review -- new to market, innovative, and unique. “

Jeremy Williams

“I received your product and it is built better than I ever could have imagined. I have a neighbor who is a finish contractor, I plan on showing him the AngLevel this weekend.”

Tom Barnes,
Sales Rep

“ I think you're on to something big! I was an electrician for 7 years and been involved with the construction industry for 10 years, and I can definitely tell you, something like this would have been a blessing, when you're teetering  up on a ladder 10 ft. in the air trying to get an angle”.

Thanks again,

Elbert White
Whites Marketing / Retail

"As a plumber it’s sometimes tough to get to those hard to reach level fittings in between joists , although with the AngLevel set like a miniature T-Square I can place the ruler against the fitting and still read the level vial  easily because  body extends out past the joist. This is something that I could never do with a torpedo level,   because they either wouldn’t fit in tight spots, or I wouldn’t be able to see the level vials. I now carry your product with me at all times.” Thanks.

Joe Arsenal
Tewksbury, Ma


“The AngLevel has made it so much easier for me and crew to complete doing handrails, stair skirt boards,  and moldings because of it’s angle and leveling features. The task of cutting an angle and re-cutting to perfectly fit the miter cut is so much easier now that I have your product this task can be done in just one step.  It’s eliminated a lot of time and aggravation by simplifying the over all work process.”

Jeff Bradley
Finish Carpentry
Bradley Construction

“Since I bought my AngLevel  getting the pitch off old roofs is so much easier.  Old houses have different angles, and pitches from one side to the other because of warping and sagging due to settling and weather damage. This tool allows me to get a perfect angle every time, and figure out what pitch it might be, because of the degree dial and pitch lines on the body. I have never seen any other tool like it. The AngLevel has eliminated several tools I normally need to use to get different angles. I don’t know how managed without this tool.”

Wilson Soto
Vinyl Sider
Weymouth, MA

“This  Tool is Awesome!  My company does a lot of decks, and when it comes doing the hand rails, and balusters this product is second to none. “

Dave Shaunaman
Shaunaman Construction

"I want to thank you for the very pleasant experience I had dealing with your company. As I mentioned, and you now notice, I've placed an order for the level and very much look forward to receiving it as soon as possible."

" I'll tell you this right now, if it is a I expect (and I'm sure it will be), I'll be spreading the word. I am the oldest of 4 brothers and if I have my way, I'll convince them all that they can not doing and DIY project in the future unless they buy one of your levels."

Thanks again,

William Geer,
Ferndale, MI